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July 19, 2008

Sticky notes with PHP and Jquery

Script speaks louder than words. Please go through the following links

PHP Gd based Sticky script

Jquery UI based Sticky page

The first script is used to create a dynamic sticky image with the selected sticky pattern and font.
The second script is an example to use the dynamic sticky to implement a sticky dashboard kindof application, it uses jquery UI for drag-n-drop feature.

Script is almost 1 yr old so, with that said updates are welcome.

Download PHPSticky from GoogleCode


October 25, 2007

Play YouTube with FLV player of your choice

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Not working anymore, but you are free to explore the code. Updates are welcome.

I have completed alternative way to view YouTube videos with FLV player of your choice (JW FLV player in this case). The flv files will not be download to the server, it streams directly from YouTube .


Download Source


I have updated the script for 2 reasons

  1. Youtube deny if you call the url with file_get_contents() which is replaced with a curl function. So it needs curl now.
  2. Youtube added more http headers and now the index for direct download link is 8 earlier it was 4.

I will update the script soon with the following features

  • No need of allow_url_fopen = on in php.ini
  • Curl dependency to be removed.

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