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September 6, 2008

Google Chrome : Hybrid of all


  • Webkit as rendering engine like Safari
  • Tabstyles are from Flock
  • Startup page similar to Opera speed-dial and Flock myhome page
  • Paste and go in the address bar like Opera
  • No menu bar like IE 7
  • Tab-to-window and vice versa from Opera/Safari
  • Incognito browsing similar to Private Browsing
  • Create Application Shortcuts like Mozilla Prism


What’s new in Google Chrome


  • No two separate textboxes for URL and for Search
  • Every tab is a separate process
  • Innovative Search, composite of Tortoise Merge (any Textdiff app), Firefox’s (Highlight All) findbox positioned similar to Safari
  • Built-in support for Google Gears
  • Above all its from the giant Google

July 10, 2007

Clean yahoo webmail without Ad’s

Filed under: javascript,Mozilla,tools — Palani raja @ 12:14 pm

Today, I have uploaded my second Greasemonkey scripts to userscripts, Yahoo webmail++ . This will remove (hide) the advertisements in your yahoo webmail, the one at the top and the small ads on the left side. Initially I was trying to do something similar to Gmail Airskin, but unfortunately yahoo uses lot of tables, which I find difficult to finish the script, at this stage it will remove only the advertisements and I will try to update the script soon.

June 11, 2007

My first Greasemonkey script

Filed under: javascript,Mozilla — Palani raja @ 2:00 pm

Ok. My first Greasemonkey script is available from userscripts.org (http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/9740).

I have been using Greasemonkey for more than a year. Recently I downloaded 2 userscript, GMail superclean and Gmail air, which inspired me to write a script.

Two days ago, I was assigned to do url rewriting for our free-classifieds site.  As usual I started googling and found a good site with online tools for url rewriting (seochat.com), but the advertisement on the site annoyed me, since I was working with long urls. So, I created this script. Hope you will find this useful.It certainly helped me. 🙂

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