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September 6, 2008

Google Chrome : Hybrid of all


  • Webkit as rendering engine like Safari
  • Tabstyles are from Flock
  • Startup page similar to Opera speed-dial and Flock myhome page
  • Paste and go in the address bar like Opera
  • No menu bar like IE 7
  • Tab-to-window and vice versa from Opera/Safari
  • Incognito browsing similar to Private Browsing
  • Create Application Shortcuts like Mozilla Prism


What’s new in Google Chrome


  • No two separate textboxes for URL and for Search
  • Every tab is a separate process
  • Innovative Search, composite of Tortoise Merge (any Textdiff app), Firefox’s (Highlight All) findbox positioned similar to Safari
  • Built-in support for Google Gears
  • Above all its from the giant Google

July 23, 2007

English to Tamil convertor (Unicode)

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Atlast, I finished my first verison of English to Tamil unicode convertor(Transliterater). What I planned to do was bit different than the one which is available now. Hope I will get the time to upgrade my unicode convertor( or Transliterater) to unique tool within a month.

check the demo here : xTamil

Use IE if you are not sure whether you enabled unicode support in windows xp. To know How to enable unicode support please check here in wikipedia

All about Unicode
Tamil unicode chart

July 10, 2007

Clean yahoo webmail without Ad’s

Filed under: javascript,Mozilla,tools — Palani raja @ 12:14 pm

Today, I have uploaded my second Greasemonkey scripts to userscripts, Yahoo webmail++ . This will remove (hide) the advertisements in your yahoo webmail, the one at the top and the small ads on the left side. Initially I was trying to do something similar to Gmail Airskin, but unfortunately yahoo uses lot of tables, which I find difficult to finish the script, at this stage it will remove only the advertisements and I will try to update the script soon.

June 11, 2007

My first Greasemonkey script

Filed under: javascript,Mozilla — Palani raja @ 2:00 pm

Ok. My first Greasemonkey script is available from userscripts.org (http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/9740).

I have been using Greasemonkey for more than a year. Recently I downloaded 2 userscript, GMail superclean and Gmail air, which inspired me to write a script.

Two days ago, I was assigned to do url rewriting for our free-classifieds site.  As usual I started googling and found a good site with online tools for url rewriting (seochat.com), but the advertisement on the site annoyed me, since I was working with long urls. So, I created this script. Hope you will find this useful.It certainly helped me. 🙂

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